li'l Lini cat-in-pants li'l Toby
Lini and Toby and two sisters were born on April 27th 2001, one week later their mother vanished and didn't reappear. A month later her already decayed body was found - apparently she'd been run over by a car and could only make it back to her hole in the fence at the far end of the garden where she died and lay hidden by the tall grasses. slumber Aged four weeks, Lini and Toby came to us. Raised by humans, they firmly believe they're human too. Almost grown now - and extremely handsome, as I'm proud to say - they do everything cats should do: chase and tussle each other, ruin upholstery, go foraging, pose, but they' re also remarkably gentle, polite and gifted with a quiet self-assurance. .
They still love each other. Lini - Scavenger-Lin -, though only half the size of her strapping brother, is Boss, and he, good-natured and a bit flummoxed by her fervor, sits and watches while she lions down his extra treats (for a cat to wolf something down would be absurd, wouldn't it?) and makes off with his playthings. Next moment, you find them sleeping in one of their numerous nests, happily entwined so that you can't tell one from the other, her pink nose shining brightly from that huge wad of breathing fur.

We're now in the year 2014 and they're both still going strong :-)

Linchen Portrait Toby

pavor nocturnus
che triste pelle!
some gif-cats by me :)