here is the music


I've hidden here
to spare you my eyes
requiting your love
with only lies
so please leave me alone
in my ivory tower of sound
walking the stairs
up and down
around and around
never airborne
never touching the ground
not really in heaven
not quite mundane
not thoroughly mad
yet not wholly sane
haunting the stairwell
a self-contained flame
stay away
don't touch me
it hurts

friend in need

I am your friend in need,
obliging, reliable, sexless indeed
(have to keep a tight rein on my smile).
Just let our eyes never meet,
because there you might read
I'm so viciously hungry for you,
so greedily, hilariously in love ...


What will I be in your eyes?
While the clock ticks off my faults
and it rains on my wits,
there go my charms.
Charms? What charms?!
Wish you'd simply take me in your arms ...
(Hiding, Rodomonte?)
A failure,
a nuisance,
a bore,
a somewhat peculiar prize -
wonder what I will be in your eyes.

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